{Doula Services}

What does being a birth doula mean? To me, that means that I am there to support you and your choices, to be your voice and your strength, to be your advocate and your calm. I offer prenatal visits to all of my doula clients, as well as postpartum. I am able to help support your breastfeeding journey as well. I promise to be a calming presence at your birth, my clients have even said I made their births an enjoyable experience. There is nothing in this world as powerful and magical as welcoming a child into it. Whether you choose to birth at a hospital, birth center or even at home, I have experience at all and know several options to help you through the process.

I offer support for all ethnicities, cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs. I am also LGBTQI+ friendly! I will do my research beforehand so I am the most qualified for your needs whether that is massage, praying with you, supporting a birth after loss, or finding out how to help encourage lactation in the non birthing mother. My job is to be there for you!

All of my doula packages offer some level of photography and/or video. Pricing is on a sliding scale but typical just doula services start at $1000.